Art is Alive; Art is Connection

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Artistic Statement

The magic of theatre:

Theatre builds connection

Through connection

Theatre builds empathy

Through empathy

Theatre heals

Through healing

Theatre creates change.


Where there is change and challenge there is no safety:

Theatre is not “a safe space”

Theatre is a sanctuary.


The potential of theatre:

Theatre can educate

Theatre can be physical

Theatre can be a dialogue

Theatre can be a cultural exchange

Theatre can be immersive

Theatre can be non hierarchal

Theatre can be made in a horizontal structure

Theatre can be made collectively

Theatre can foster peace

Theatre can foster mutual understanding

Theatre can acknowledge the audience

Theatre can include the audience

Theatre can challenge the viewer

Theatre can challenge the creator(s)

Theatre can give voice to those who are unheard

Theatre can use storytelling to build bridges

Theatre can expand horizons

Theatre can expand awareness

Theatre can connect us to the humane

Theatre can connect us to the divine


Theatre should be affordable

Theatre should go to the people


Theatre is for everyone.

Theatre is vital.

Theatre is my art.


Art is for everyone.

Art is vital


Artists as Educators:

Art encourages creativity

Art develops problem-solving skills

Art encourages self-expression and self esteem

Art increases gross and fine motor skills

Art can teach cooperation

Art can teach empathy

Art can teach individuality

Art can teach leadership

Art can teach vulnerability

(Vulnerability cures toxic masculinity)


Art must illuminate history/hxrstory

Artists must educate their communities

Artists must educate all over the country

Artists must learn as much as they educate

Education is like theatre and can be collective and non-hierarchal

Education should be a two way street

Education is also wisdom

Education is also creative

Education is fact based and experiential based and acknowledges emotions and humanity

Education is not just science, though science is important, as important as art


Artist as Community Members and Community Leaders:

Arts can create community

Arts must be for the community

Arts must not only be for “the elites”

Art is not a frivolity

Art is a necessity


The benefits of the arts are a right for every citizen

The benefits of arts education are a right for every citizen

Artists must become a part of their community

Artists must support the community

Artists must assemble for their communities

Artists must brainstorm and take action to protect their communities

Artists must become leaders in their communities

Artists must become political leaders to support their communities and their rights to the benefits of the arts and arts education


Artists, Communities, and Organizations must create relationships like never before to change the culture that has led to the rise of Trumpism.


One of my long-term goals is a government-funded theatre that represents and gives free or low cost theatre to ALL Americans.

© 2015-16 by Nikomeh