Actorvist Ensemble

Artists, activists, educators, healers, community organizers, producers, organizations we must come together and collaborate for the betterment of our world. Our identities are currently being used to divide us, now we must unite and connect to change our culture through art, healing, education and human connection/love. I'm trying to do that in the only way I know how, grassroots person to person. 

Today I'd like to invite you to become an Actorvist, an ensemble of artists, activists, healers, educators, producers, community organizers, organizations united with love, open to learning, open to help, open to share, open to actively create culture change together to use art for activism, education, healing, social good and positive, interconnected community benefit.

ACTION: If you'd like to become an Actorvist, send me an email here with your name, a little bit about you, a link for the website (or if you'd like to remain anonymous) and let me know if you'd also like to sign up for the Action E-Blast. Feel free to ask me questions!

What does being an Actorvist entail?

1. a Bi-Monthly Newsletter- including a calendar of events of socio-political radical artistic work and community-engaging public events with an artistic bend that are happening in and around NYC. These events could be submitted from other Actorvists, or just general artistry for activism or free community events that would benefit artists that I've scouted. If you decide to see or participate please let me know what you thought (especially if I wasn't able to make it myself) as I do want to support and produce work like this, and I only have my set of eyes.


2.I want to produce and support your work--even if you don't think it's that socio-political or radical or community-engaging right now, there may be a way to either add a community/socio-political aspect, connect you with the right communities and/or organizations to develop, or directly benefit an organization (not just ACLU and planned parenthood, but also smaller community-based organizations, that may be working in communities you want to serve). I want to help connect marginalized people with people with resources, people with capital/time/energy for action with people with ideas, individuals with organizations, etc. So if you have any ideas or need any support all you have to do is ask! Likewise, you can support my work by collaborating with me directly or seeing/showing/sharing your work with me and my work with your community.

When should I send something to you?


Send actions ASAP with time sensitivity indicated in subject line. If you want something in the next month's e-blast please send it before the last full week of the month, preferably that Sunday (for ex for March, please send by February 19th) but I will try my best to accommodate late submissions depending on the circumstances and my own schedule that week.


I have an event/action for e-blast now, how should I format it?

For Monthly Newsletter Event:
Title and dates
Link to tickets/event page
Description (no more than 3 sentences-keep it simple, if people want to find out more they can click on the link)


For Action E-Blast: 

Call to Action: 
brief 3 sentence description/notes if necessary (again keep it simple)
One-time, Dates or Continuous
Link to action resources/page for more info on why people should act in this way

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