Artists Defund DAPL

Actors-Activists and Artists of all kinds, it is time to make a stand for Standing Rock and Defund the DAPL, or Dakota Access Pipeline. This pipeline not only threatens the water supply of the Missouri River, but would cross through sacred burial grounds. click here for more info. 

Basically, every major for profit bank has a stake in this pipeline, so I suggest to protect the water and fight for the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, we pledge to take our collective artistic community's money from these major institutions to a not-for-profit full service financial organization, Actors' Federal Credit Union. 

Actors FCU is cooperatively run, with policy set by elected officers, for the benefit of members of Actors Equity Association, but has ties to over 150 theatrical organizations.

Decisions are made by members of the profession who understand The Business. The interest and dividend rates are competitive with—or better than—commercial and savings banks. When you take advantage of services, you reap the benefits and so do other members: Interest you pay goes back to you and others in dividends, more services, and lower loan rates. Check out no-balance-minimum checking and more!

PLEDGE TODAY, COORDINATED ACTION AT A TBD DATE (to be coordinated alongside other activists like Shaun King's Injustice Boycott, and 100 Days of Resistance.) If you are already a member of Actors FCU share with your friends: #defundDAPL #NoDAPL #standwithstandingrock #ArtistsDefundDAPL

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