Nikomeh's Bio


Nikomeh Anderson is Creative Producer and Collaborator with Free The Arts Festival, and Multidisciplinary Theatre Maker.


An actor/musician/poet that feels and expresses

A mover/choreographer/director who observes the feelings/sensation/energy

An Advocate and Cultural Activist who draws the connection to the greater societal picture. 

A Facilitator and Educator who approaches eye to eye, mutually supportive, learning and listening alongside people instead of from a top down/hierarchical approach.

Through the framework of healing justice, we strive for equity, working towards resistance  and cultural activism collectively collaborating towards creation of a less oppressive world

They are a Black+Multi-racial, having Jamaican African(native Taino) roots, as well as in England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands

They are Transgender+Gender Expansive: they stray away from language that enforces the binary, instead having a personal journey with gender, but in regards to casting play actors of any gender, but prefer characters with an expansive relationship to gender-transmasculine, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid.


They are Disabled (a working person with disabilities), Autistic, Neurodivergent, Neuroqueer, Lived Experience of Mental Health Diagnoses, Mad, Trauma Survivor, meaning they deal with trauma, chronic physical and emotional pain regularly, and a neurotype of Autism- characterized in heightened physical and emotional hyper and hypo sensitivity, experiential learning and problem solving style, focused interests as an artist, activist and facilitator especially with healing and disability justice through Free The Arts Festival, stimulatory movement especially where chronic pain physical therapy and dance training intersect, need for consistency or a structure for greater freedom (usually I like to create these structures so they are more accessible in design, difficulties in typical communication especially surface/light/get to know you weather type conversations, difficulties in understanding and expressing and self advocating in neurotypical social interaction.


They went to NYU for Drama, studying at Stella Adler Studio, Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts in London, The International Theatre Workshop in Amsterdam, CAP 21, Stonestreet Studios and Viewpoints Intensive with Mary Overlie.


They directed a production of Titus Andronicus, exploring a physicality-based process, at The Producer’s Club, the inaugural production of Golden Nugget Theatrical. They produced and movement coached an improvisational dance show called Waiting for Jah, which alternated between improvised scenes and improvised dances done to songs of the audience's choosing. They are a dancer with Cerebral Posse, an extension of Gregg Mozgala's The Apothetae. They perform, assistant musical direct and teach with Kaiser's Room, a sensory and educational company invested in compassionate alternative therapies for people with developmental disabilities. They have worked as a an Artisitter with Sitter's Studio as a an assistant at their Cassatt Preschool, as a Development Apprentice, Freelance Artist and on the Literary Wing at The Lark, as a Physical Warm Up Movement Teacher at Stella Adler Studios, and as a Literary Associate at Ensemble Studio Theatre. They organize with The Icarus Project NYC, are a member with The Institute of The Development of Human Arts a graduate of their Rethinking Crisis: An Introduction to Transformative Mental Health Care, and was a 2017 Create Change Fellow with The Laundromat Project. 

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