I'm answering my own call for submissions for the Free The Arts Festival with a devised musical a la Hair, that reflects on 2016 but also history but mostly the future especially through the context and perspectives of The Oppressed, Those living in intersection of oppression and privilege. I want to feature devisers, artists, composers that will devise core songs and scenes and monologues that resonate to their experiences and our own different experiences. As we are defining these core moments we'll cast an ensemble of devisors of all sorts to as a group devise and compose as an ensemble all the connecting aspects of the core. So if you'd also have a song/character/monologue/idea/etc you think would be great for it please email niknaknikomeh@gmail.com sharing your idea. If you're interested in joining the ensemble and being called in to audition please also email niknaknikomeh@gmail.com and I’ll later send you the casting. See my sample application of this idea for the FTA Festival here.

Untitled 2016+ Devised Musical

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