A small artistic, educational, and social arts practice company funded by Nikomeh Anderson by my own various artistic and educational pursuits and my work in childcare and education. My mission is to give the benefit of art and arts education to the people for free, especially through Free The Arts Festival, and to create and empower artists and teaching artists and eventually employ artists and teaching artists that support their communities as artists, organizers, healers, and even as political leaders.

Well, no, I believe that we need to free the arts to the people and so most of my programming will be free, and any profit I receive will be invested back to the company. The LLC model is much better for my tax purposes and my own artistic and producing integrity. You may be surprised to know that non-profit institutional structuring can be a bit harder to do political work, and also encourage elitism and classism. For me the personal is political and my LLC is my own personal commitment to institutional change. The long term goal is to be able to support myself as an artist and employ other artists a livable wage, while also still serving communities with free programming.

Revenue comes from my pocket, the pockets of whoever wants to pitch in, and my independent contracting in babysitting and my work as an ensemble theatre artist. And not everything I will produce will be totally free, since my work is primarily focused on those who are underserved and lack resources, I will produce shows that would act as fundraising for those efforts and make money from those who can afford to pay for theatre so that I can give it to those who can't for free. If you want to employ me or produce with me, that's cool too!

I work with and within ensembles collaborating in different ways, primarily as an actor, assistant director, director, choreographer but also not limited to literary work, movement coach, stage managing, musical direction/arranging, piano/ukulele accompaniment and production design. I truly believe we need to be less stringent on our labels, more collaborative and have less institutional, societal and personal boundaries especially in the arts. I believe in communities and artists accepting each other, organizing and advocating for their rights and the rights of others. I believe in artists as community organizers and political leaders. I definitely like collaborating in non hierarchal and democratic processes. I also like to encourage anti-oppressive collaboration between institutions and communities- we all need to aid each other to aid the people. But also, I'm an artist living in a capitalist society trying to survive in NYC-so if you'd like to pay me to do something, just let me know!

So where does your revenue come from then if your programming is free?
Employ you? What is an ensemble theatre artist?
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