Sample Application

Dear Nikomeh,

Hi, I’m Nikomeh, this is a sample application, but I still want to make it a good application. I’m attaching my bio, idea, and resume to this email.


Right now I have an idea, that I’m going to pitch to a small production non profit I collaborate with called ____ who will help me fundraise for and find cheap rehearsal spaces, but ultimately I picture this musical happening in outdoor spaces with hand held/acoustic instruments. I need help with casting/finding the right composers to collaborate with. For the festival, in the five boroughs I imagine it happening in Central Park, Bronx Park, The Staten Island September 11th Memorial, Prospect Park, and Flushing Meadows.  


I would like the musical to highlight the specific experiences of the Oppressed, and thus be cast/creatively led by folks who have been marginalized--it isn’t enough to just cast these roles, but for my artists to be engaged in the creation of the part, the script, the character. I then want to work with an ensemble with the Oppressed as the majority and through a very democratic process, in which I as the director/outside eye would provide a mirror/context and concerned ultimately with audience impact so that artists can be more free to create. As an artist I am especially interested in engaging audience members in different, and more active ways, maybe we can all lay down on the ground and look up at the sky at a moment, and have the actors shape the audience into different configurations/lead them around. I want to cast and create with artists like me (but in their own way), and if we’re going into label land, I’m queer, mixed race/black, womxn with chronic pain and a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (with anxiety, especially socially, and depression) with the benefits of class and white privilege that gave me the benefit of education and arts education throughout my life. I believe by leading and creating with artists living in intersections we have power to speak to people at the top of society and the people placed at the “bottom” and create a space that is not vertical/hierarchal but horizontal, putting everyone in the same plane.


So my plan is to assemble killer artists to construct and speak to the points laden in the “Art With” section, and then as an ensemble use these bullets to create creative assignments and lead ensemble building/work generating exercises inspired by these bullets. Then I’ll connect the show through the intersection of themes that come up from the work we generate so that despite the range of material the audience can begin to make connections between the differences of experience.


Hopefully there will be artists I cast that also have specific teaching skills, but in regards to myself/the piece I think the best kind of workshop for me to teach to adults is ensemble building through movement and the 6 viewpoints, and I also love the 1-3 age range (I am a babysitter for a babysitting company and also assist at their preschool) and could teach a movement skills building class for toddlers. I could speak about why and how I want to be involved in this festival: I think that everyone should benefit from art and creating art, and that we must teach people how to create art and give community place for art to become fully integrated into people’s daily lives not just for private consumption but as a place to come together and take care of each other and learn from each other which is why I am organizing this festival and why I firmly believe it should be free. 



P.S. Please make sure your cover letter is no more than two pages! (though one page works too!)

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