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All "Tokens" Are Welcome:
The Time Commitments:

Women of color, people with disabilities, non-binary, trans or gender queer people, lesbian, bisexual or queer people, Muslim, veterans, immigrants and indigenous people especially. 

Meaning if you want to join the group you can! However, If you are any intersection of man, white, or straight, in this group you must listen to other's POV first, so even if you are a white gay man you must let women and people of color take the lead about gender and race issues and always listen first in that way. There are plenty of spaces for straight people, there are plenty of spaces for men, there are plenty of spaces for white people. Just ask if this is a space you need in the same way that people like me direly need it. This is about being equitable - giving people who usually don't get the space they need to really tell it like it is about these issues we face with whiteness heteronormativity and the patriarchy not just in society but in our personal lives.

I'm assembling my diverse and intersectional artist friends (what we need to do especially due to the election is band together) but I don't know who I don't know who would be interested in something like this- please share, especially if you don't feel comfortable joining yourself it helps to support by sharing so your other friends may take advantage of the opportunity. I'm trying to band us all together so that we can better support each other and lead our white, male, and straight friends.

The first ensemble-building project we'll do is work through "The artists way" together, I have a copy so don't worry about any cost. Together we will heal and get spiritually connected to our art and also inspire, activate, and refuel our artistic side into action. I know a lot of us want to take action (and are already organizing in our different communities) but I know a lot of us are hurt and grieving, a lot who feel angry and betrayed by straight or male or white people.

*Along those lines I'm also looking also for a home/space for my movement class "Empowering Body; Empowering Soul" (that I would want to give T.A.T.S. a reduced fee to)*


Alongside group healing I recommend doing your own personal work to reeducate or reinvigorate our social justice minds. Here is some good starting links to jumpstart you if needed:

Syllabus for White People To Educate Themselveshttp://tinyurl.com/hoerd3p

Black Lives Matter Syllabushttp://www.blacklivesmattersyllabus.com/fall2016/

KLC Intersectional Feminist Society Reading Listhttps://kclintfemsoc.wordpress.com/reading-list/

Commitee on Lesbian Gay Transgender History Sylllabi (multiple syllabus from different univeristies)http://clgbthistory.org/resources/syllabi

Crip Lit: Toward An Intersectional Crip Syllabushttp://tinyurl.com/zlwqcm4

20 Must-Read Queer Theory Textshttp://www.critical-theory.com/20-must-read-queer-theory-books/

Supporting and collaborating on our different artistic ideas. After going through The Artist's Way, everybody gets to lead something they'd like to create or just share it and everyone gets to follow/support/generate/watch. 

A lot of us are also involved in community organizing, non-profit institutions and profits-generating coporations- we need to be advocating for our voices and the voices of all people. Making sure all rooms reflect the room of life. So that we take ourselves out of tokenism, and put ourselves forward as leaders. We need to be changing the world and together we can do it but we gotta come together and be the leaders of bringing others together. There is power in numbers so if we band together, we can advocate and support each other in rooms where we usually feel alone.


Besides the personal work of the artist way which is daily morning pages (wake up 10 mins earlier than you normally do to do them) and a weekly up-to-you style Artist Date that you can go on alone or with a friend or with a fellow T.A.T.S. Member - we'd only meet as a group together once a month- yes, a doodle disaster I know, which is why we will start either late January or February. I will send a pre-poll seeing which days of the week and locations of NYC work best for the group and then a detailed time poll based on those results. 

If you are interested please contact me with the subject line "Joining T.A.T.S." or  "Joining Tokens Against Tokenism" to be included on the email list!

*"Token" is not a term that anyone who doesn't understand it from personal experience should use. We are reclaiming this idea to be used as strong messaging to power structures.*

"Tokens" Against Tokenism Squad



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